Harvest Monday – week 33

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Een vruchtbare week met allerlei groentjes (lees: niet enkel bonen en tomaten)… Enkele rijtjes worteltjes uitgehaald. Deze moet ik nog verwerken, de dikke wortels gaan waarschijnlijk de vriezer in.

Heel wat hete pepers, ik zal er enkele laten drogen als test. We plukten een aantal tomaatjes maar we kochten op de plukboerderij nog een kist met 6 kg tomaten. Deze avond zal ik tomatensoep wecken.

Voor de rest enkele porties boontjes en wat sla. De uien die al enkele weken lagen te drogen, zijn in de keuken komen wonen samen met wat gedroogde tijm en oregano.

De sterren van deze week, waren echter de aubergines. Mooie grote en stevige exemplaren. Deze gingen in een risotto (het recept heb ik hier geblogd) en het was zo lekker dat het deze avond nog eens wordt herhaald. Superlekker!

Ben je benieuwd wat de rest van de wereld aan het oogsten is, kijk dan bij Our Happy Acres.



Another fruitful week with lots of different veggies (not only beans and tomatoes)… I harvested a few rows of carrots. The biggest ones will be for the freezer.

Some peppers as well, I will try to dry them as a test. We picked some tomatoes from our greenhouse but we bought a whole crate at a nearby organic farm. We cooked tomatoe soup and I’ll be canning the rest of the soup tonight.

The beans aren’t producing like crazy anymore but we managed to eat a few portios this week. We ate some lettuce as well. And the onions, which were drying in the sheds for a few weeks now, were moved to the kitchen,along with the dried oregano and thyme.

The stars of the week were the eggplants, however! They were really big and firm and we cooked the most amazing risotto. We loved it that much that we’ll be cooking it again tonight.

Do you want towhat the rest of the world is harvesting from their garden, then take a look at Our Happy Acres.



8 gedachten over “Harvest Monday – week 33

  1. Your carrots and eggplants look amazing and those raspberries are gigantic. Your risotto sounds wonderful. I’ve never actually had risotto but it always looks so good on the cooking shows.

    This is the first year I’ve been making oven roasted tomato sauce to freeze. So much easier than canning our usual salsa, since the seeds and skin just get blended in the blender along with everything else.


    1. Well, you should definitely give it a try… It is easy once you get the hang of it. Search on YouTube for risotto and gennaro contaldo- he will teach you with his crazy accent 🙂
      Those raspberries aren’t mine to be honest, they’re from the same organic farm as the crate of tomatoes


  2. You have a lovely mix of veggies there! I dry a lot of peppers here, tomatoes too. They are nice to add to a lot of dishes, after soaking in water. The eggplant risotto sounds yummy too. We had some in a frittata yesterday. It’s such a versatile vegetable. Your onions look great too.


  3. Lovely harvests, especially those beautiful eggplant! I’m getting a few here and there but they are now shaded by the tomatoes on one side and beans on the other so it’s not looking good for a good harvest overall.


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